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Aspects of stone.

As reflections of style, taste and creativity, the collections Petra Antiqua offers to customers are displayed in hundreds of unique products, created through a process consisting of study, graphic design and the craftsmanship, performed by professionals with years of experience in the sector.


the preciousness of the past in a reworked beauty.

The craftsmanship of tumbled stone that Petra Antiqua has always executed is created from the warmth of tradition and from a past of experiences and memories. Skilfully smoothed and polished by expert hands without using acids or chemicals, the marble in this collection takes on a natural old look, which expresses the richness of a distressed element, with rounded edges and surface worn by the action of the water and the pieces rubbing together.

Tumbled Collection

Wax Finished

the colours of time that enliven and thrill.

Characterized by a smooth surface and the beautiful colours inspired by nature, the finish of the Anticato Cerato Collection is smooth to the touch. The edge of the tiles is slightly rounded and the effect of this old-looking stone is reached by brushing the surface. The material reaches the customer already Pre-treated through a hot process, with hydro-wax and oil-repellent.

Waxed Collection


emotions revealed by details.

The Surfaces Collection was born from the surface work executed on the tiles to create various textures and simple motifs; this is the proof of the constant creative research by Petra Antiqua. From skilled craftsmanship and natural stone, selected carefully with passion and knowledge, a surface treatment is created to reveal the fascination of the surprising nature and human ingenuity in every detail.

Surfaces Collection


unique, stone after stone.

Multiple geometric-shaped tiles create mosaics that cover surfaces and floors with sobriety, but with character, therefore giving an unmistakable style to the environment. This collection features wonderful handcrafted mosaics, to create unique floors and cladding, stone after stone, where each detail tells a story and represents its value. The mosaics are available in waxed (anticato cerato) and tumbled (anticato naturale) finishes.

Mosaics Collection


a delicate to the touch beauty.

High-thickness stones, etched with mechanical consistency to express geometrical patterns and figures that convey emotions to the sight and touch. The Hedonism collection originates from detailed technical study and craftsmanship designed to create interior wall cladding with splendid light and shadow effects. Due to the naturalness of the worked stone without using chemical products, Hedonism can be combined perfectly with green building. In addition, the stones used have sound absorption characteristics and can be applied as ventilated walls, favouring thermostatic temperature control and the possibility to hide visible cables and pipes.

Hedonism Collection

Art Collection

the poetry of an encounter.

This artistic and conceptual collection brings together pieces of squared and worked stone that are combined together to express an original idea of refined and elegant design. A stone marked by time and by natural events combines matter and marking, masterfully interpreted by those who designed and create Art Collection.

Art Collection

Acqueforti tiles

cultures etched onto stone.

Different cultures and eras come together in art, Acqueforti Tiles are stones decorated with the knowledge and passion of expert craftsmen, suitable for cladding and floors. Enhanced during the Renaissance, the essence of these acqueforti etchings flourishes once more in our era, expressing itself in unique customizations, along with the elegance of gold and the reflections of silver when required, to reflect different styles and tastes.

Acqueforti Tiles Collection

Acqueforti mosaics

reflections of particular elegance.

In this collection the stones are divided into smaller shapes, finely arranged one next to the other, to create trends and artistic styles that enclose a particular elegance, sublime in its reflections, poetic in its features and artistic in its many aspects. Ancient, modern or contemporary, the soul of Acquaforti Mosaics manifests itself in a unique light, highlighted in every detail.

Acqueforti Mosaics Collection


unusual combinations and evocative atmospheres.

The interpretation Petra Antiqua provides with its particular collection originates from meticulous research and careful craftsmanship, which shapes the material, creating authentic combinations of stone. The mosaics of the Reps&Jacquard collection, which compose aesthetic, ancient and modern designs and motifs, give personality to interior environments, reflecting an original and unique style.

Reps & Jacquards Collection


shapes and essences.

This is a collection of kitchen countertops, sinks and other structures, made entirely out of marble and created by craftsmen who have known this material for years and with dedication, etch and refinish it to create shapes from it and enhance its essence.

Tops-Sinks Collection