Smooth lines, artistic engravings, bas-reliefs that form shadows and designs, surfaces that reflect the light, colours that create atmospheres...Achieving the perfect environment, which reflects tastes and styles, is the goal of a company that knows about stone and its secrets.

Craftsmanship is portrayed on stone.

Petra Antiqua products are designed and created by skilled staff to provide customers with incredibly fascinating pieces that are perfect in every detail, due to the expert hands of the craftsmen and the meticulous work of the professionals who deal with the various work phases as the design, prototyping and stone cladding installation.
The company staff further collaborates with customers in each production phase, to ensure each detail reflects their needs and tastes.

Petra Antiqua around the world.

The company has always worked for private individuals, design studios and institutions around the world.
Thanks to the class and unmistakable style of its products, the articles of the Petra Antiqua collections are required to realise various projects, which will therefore have the quality of Italian artistic craftsmanship.


The art and passion of stone.

Petra Antiqua was established in 1995 and has always processed natural stone, starting from tumbled, up to the splendid collections renown worldwide.
The technicians of the company and the master craftsmen work hard every day to execute top quality production, with stone that is selected from the best national and international suppliers.

The founder Marcello Bressan