Petra Antiqua, history written on stone.

The history of this company in Monte di Malo, in the province of Vicenza, began with the tumbled tile, a process that requires antiquing the stone. Petra Antiqua, in fact, was born in 1995 as a small handcraft business in the tumbled marble floor and cladding sector, which, through the commitment and initiative of the Bressan family, has expanded its market worldwide.

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Working stone becomes art.

Petra Antiqua has developed new types of products, thanks to various tests on working the stone, and now boasts wonderful artistic collections. Customers and visitors may admire a part of them in the 400 square metre showroom inside the company, an area where even architects and designers can see the various products first hand, discovering the details and play of light. In Petra Antiqua, technicians, master craftsmen and other professionals of the sector design and create unique stone floors and cladding: colours, patinas, gold leaf, ideas and passion fit and blend into true works of art, designed by artists, in-house staff or customised to meet customer requirements.

The imprint of Italian craftsmanship.

From a smooth surface, floors and cladding and precious stone decorations are created, the result of careful work, focusing on every single detail, to create artistic products with the unmistakable imprint of Italian craftsmanship. The continuous improvement in product quality, the constant creative research and the presence of Petra Antiqua at the most important trade fairs in the sector, are the roots on which the prestige of the company and the exclusivity of its production are based.

An ISO 9001 certified company.

Petra Antiqua S.r.l. has been UNI EN ISO 9001 certified since 2006. The company reached this important objective through the commitment of its employees and collaborators to improve the quality system of the work and production, therefore ensuring greater customer satisfaction.