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The creative core of Petra Antiqua.

Petra Antiqua decorative stone is known worldwide, and not only for its quality and beauty. Behind each worked stone there is an efficient organisational system, a skilful hand that shapes and composes, a creative core that invents, models, makes ideas come alive and conveys emotions. Natural stone, worked by Petra Antiqua, is a unique combination of inspirations, art and knowledge. It is a casing that encloses time and expresses in it the essence to surprise and be remembered.

White stones.

This coloured natural stone reflects light, amplifies space and includes the preciousness of each process in its purity. In the white stone range, Petra Antiqua proposes:

White stone

Beige stones.

The neutral colour of this stone is ideal to combine with various styles and warm environments that require cladding and unique details. The types of beige stone available are:

Beige stone

Grey stones.

Elegant and refined, versatile and sophisticated, grey is the most common colour of natural stone, where any texture represents designs and creates unique effects. The types of grey stone are:

Grey stone

Brown stones.

The peacefulness and warmth that this colour expresses are brought out by patterns, effects and shades of a smooth surface or etched and worked stone with technical skills that are recognisable by anyone who loves particular aesthetics and rich details. Petra Antiqua types of stone are:

Brown stone

Green stones.

Green, the colour of nature, but also of balance and calm. The green decorative stone worked by the company represents a particular element, in which preciousness is manifested in a sought after style that is discovered in the details of the environment. The types of Petra Antiqua green stone are:

Green stone

Red stones.

Even imperfections make an element unique and natural stone is the proof. The colour of these types of stone is bright, warm and elegant: a touch of class. Petra Antiqua creates wonderful products with red stone as:

Red stone

Black stones.

Elegant and original, this colour is an element to use in design, especially to create splendid contrasts and play on light. For an environment apt to bring out what is in it, Petra Antiqua proposes:

Black stone