LINE: surfaces FINISHING: breaker DIMENSION: 30.5x60
  • Bluma patch-n 14
    Bluma patch-n 14
    LINE: acqueforti FINISHING: waxed , piquet, natté, seta, rem
    LINE: surfaces FINISHING: papiro DIMENSION: 30.5x60
    LINE: surfaces FINISHING: split face stone DIMENSION: h.5-10-15 random lengths


European marble depicting night blue tones and brown hues that convey an extremely warm feel. A wonderful mix of strong colour and small embedded fossils, which further demonstrate the uniqueness and natural charm of this material.
Great also for outdoor use, both for floors and wall coverings.
Thanks to its ductility, and to make the most of its distinguishing colouring, we have decided to include it in many of our collections.

This stone is applied in the following collections: