A delicate to the touch beauty.
High-thickness stones, carved with mechanical consistency to express geometrical patterns and figures that convey emotions to the sight and touch. The Hedonism collection originates from detailed technical study and craftsmanship designed to create interior wall cladding with splendid light and shadow effects. Due to the naturalness of the worked stone without using chemical products, Hedonism can be combined perfectly with green building. In addition, the stones used have sound absorption characteristics and can be applied as ventilated walls, favouring thermostatic temperature control and the possibility to hide visible cables and pipes.

Possible choices:
antelope - bianco carrara - blaze - bluebelge - ceppo di gré - cohiba - goya - liberty - londongrey - makramé - new smoke - savana - shade - travertino chiaro - travertino noce - vertigo

gold, silver, gold+, silver+, copper-marron-caffé, mother of pearl+, rocher, lamé sabbia, lamé argento

dorato, argentato

bronzo, chrome, tokai, marron-asfalto, caffé-gloss
cm 30.5x60 - 30.5x90 - 45x45 - 60x60 - 45x90 - hexagon - compositions

square  special forms  hexagon  composition  rectangular