Emotions revealed by details.
The Surfaces Collection was born from the surface work executed on the tiles to create various textures and simple motifs; this is the proof of the constant creative research by Petra Antiqua. From skilled craftsmanship and natural stone, selected carefully with passion and knowledge, a surface treatment is created to reveal the fascination of the surprising nature and human ingenuity in every detail.

Possible choices:
antelope - aster - bianco carrara - blaze - bluebelge - ceppo di gré - goya - jacana - jura grigio - liberty - londongrey - makramé - new smoke - savana - travertino chiaro - travertino noce - tundra - vertigo

bronze, chrome

piquet, velluto, natté, ottoman, seta, rayé, twill, rigato, gessato, mikado, canapa, kanvas, kowan, operà, taiga 1, biork 1 wax, tricot, khadi, papiro, organza, cros, oxide, heritage natté, biork 1 natté, velmor, jarvis, xilo, xilo natté, blend, olene, opalis, rem, suede, magma
cm 10x10 - 10x30.5 - 15x60 - 22.3x90 - 30.5x30.5 - 30.5x60 - 45x90

square  mosaic  composition  border  rectangular